Update using Mac OS X

>>>> Click this link to download the Update Utility Program <<<<

When you click on the link
to download the Tonewood Update Tool,
your internet program will ask you to save the .zip file.

Most times, it will be saved into your "Downloads" folder
unless you have set it up to save elsewhere.

Once the download is complete,
double click on the Tonewood Zip file to unzip it.

Here, I am saving it to my desktop.

If you try to open the file OSX will give you this warning

Since the Tonewood Update program is not registered with Apple,
you must "right click" on the file
and select "Open" from the drop down menu.

Then confirm that you want to open the Update Program.

If you are still not able to run the update program, click here to submit a tech support request. 
>> Support Request <<